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Introducing the latest original track, “NA – 715b”! Journey into the unknown realms at the edge of the universe with this cyber-techno music themed around a fictional Earth-like planet. Pulsating with the excitement and adventurous spirit of stepping into uncharted territories, this track is filled with the energetic imagery of a dynamic dance floor experience. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as you embark on the crazy and entirely new world of techno music. Are you prepared to set off on the adventure awaiting amidst the unknown stars?
Japanese composer/DJ “MGRAW” has been steadily releasing club music since 2018.
Their innovative and original sound beckons listeners into uncharted musical territories. Keep an eye on the dedicated groove they’re delivering to club/dance music fans worldwide from Japan!

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最新オリジナル曲「NA – 715b」
日本から全世界のクラブ/ダンスミュージック・ファンへ届けている渾身のGrooveに注目だ!  Radio, Extended Mix を収録。

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