Essence of minimal life-For Comfortable time (LTTW-0003)

Artists: auditory effect collected, binaural field, Environmental Cinema, Moonlight Garden, Various Artists, 花鳥風月Project, 青木しんたろう
Label: Listen to the world records
Release Date: 2020-08-19
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Album Review

高品質のピアノ作品、環境音等を用いた人気シリーズを手掛けるヒーリング/イージーリスニングの人気シリーズを手掛けるSound of eternityから新しいコンセプトのコンピレーションアルバムが登場。 皆様のLifeスタイルに新たな刺激を加えるアナログとデジタルが融合したヒーリング/イージーリスニングミュージック。 演奏者には国内外で活躍をするピアニスト「青木しんたろう」ニ胡奏者「木村ハルヨ」ガムラン奏者「櫻田素子」前衛的なサウンドデザイナー「Kaym」ゲームミュージッククリエイター「RAM」などが参加。 和洋折衷が奏でる音色は美しく、心清らかな気持ちにさせてくれます。 Healing and environmental sounds of high quality piano works, environmental sounds, etc. are used in this popular series. The new Sound of eternity, the company behind the popular Easy Listening series A compilation album of the concept is now available. It is a fusion of analogue and digital that adds a new stimulus to your life style. Easy listening music. Performers include a pianist, "Shintaro Aoki", who is active in Japan and abroad, and a violinist, "Haryo Kimura", who plays the gamelan player Motoko Sakurada,  game music creator RAM" and others participate in this event. The blend of Japanese and Western sounds is beautiful and refreshing.

1. Essence of minimal life-For Comfortable time (Music previews)
About New Album

1. Flower Essence / 花鳥風月project
2. Piano sonata No. 9, the second movement / 青木晋太郎
3. Salut d’Amour / 花鳥風月Project
4. Moonlight Serenade / 花鳥風月Project
5. Spiritual Forest / Environmental Cinema
6. j. / RAM
7. Eternity Healing-Wave / binaural field
8. Moonlight sonata / 青木晋太郎
9. Bolero / 花鳥風月Project
10. Pictures at an Exhibition / auditory effect collected
11. Amazing Grace / Moonlight Garden
12. ending / 花鳥風月Project


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