Essence of minimal life – For Comfortable season (LTTW-0006)

Label: Listen to the world records
Release Date: 2020-12-16
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Album Review

皆様のLifeスタイルに新たな刺激を加えるアナログとデジタルが融合したヒーリング/イージーリスニングミュージック。「仰げば尊し」「早春譜」「春の海」など 年末には聴きたいそして一年を通して聴いていただけるような選曲になりました。 演奏者には国内外で活躍をするピアニストそして電子音楽のプロジェクト「UNITE SATISFY」「Arts Of Collective」として参加している「青木しんたろう」ニ胡奏者「木村ハルヨ」ガムラン奏者「櫻田素子」その他「Environmental Cinema」などが参加。 和洋折衷が奏でる音色は美しく、心清らかな気持ちにさせてくれます。 A new concept compilation album from Sound of eternity, the company behind the popular healing/easy listening series that uses high quality piano works and environmental sounds, is now available. The album is a fusion of analog and digital healing/easy listening music that will add a new stimulus to your life style. The album includes songs such as "Aogeba Toutoshi," "Early Spring Pages," and "Spring Sea. This is a selection of music that you will want to hear at the end of the year, and that you can listen to throughout the year. Performers include pianists active in the United States and abroad, as well as "Shintaro Aoki," who has participated in the electronic music projects "UNITE SATISFY" and "Arts Of Collective," "Haryo Kimura," a nihu player, "Motoko Sakurada," a gamelan player, and others from "Environmental Cinema. The blend of Japanese and Western sounds is beautiful and refreshing.

1. Essence of minimal life – For Comfortable season - Preview
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