N.H.B / RAM ( Elns-136 )

Artist: RAM
Release Date: 2024-07-11
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爆音で響け!RAM (Koichi Yamazaki) の最新ドラム&ベース曲、解禁!

Roar with the thunderous sound! RAM Koichi Yamazaki’s latest drum & bass track is unleashed! RAM Koichi Yamazaki presents his latest drum & bass track, finally released! Maximum addictiveness! Overwhelming energy and innovative sound rush through your entire body. You can’t talk about real drum & bass without experiencing this music firsthand!
RAM (Koichi Yamazaki), a legendary creator representing Japan’s top-tier game and dance music scene, known for his contributions to game music like ‘beatmania,’ ‘DanceDanceDance Revolution,’ and ‘Gran Turismo,’ as well as his involvement in DRUM’N’BASS unit ‘Cycle’ and the group ‘cargo’ alongside GOKU, Saiko, and amigo, among many others.
His latest single, “N.H.B,” showcases RAM’s exquisite balance between game music and dance music. This is a track that every listener, regardless of their preference, should definitely check out!
RAM is a rare artist who embodies the unique beauty and dynamism that is characteristic of Japan, and there are few artists like him!

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