RAW4-zwei / MGRAW (ELNS-107)

Artists: Katsuya Mouri, MGRAW
Release Date: 2022-08-24
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1. Zwei (Radio Mix)
2. sub zero (Radio Mix)
3. Third eye (Radio Mix)
4. interactive jp (Radio Mix)
5. Wakeuppp (Radio Mix)
6. TECHNO IS N.D (Radio Mix)
7. WDUS (Radio Mix)
8. all of these (Radio Mix)
9. Zwei (Extended Mix)
10. sub zero (Extended Mix)
11. Third eye (Extended Mix)
12. interactive jp (Extended Mix)
13. Wakeuppp (Extended Mix)
14. TECHNO IS N.D (Extended Mix)
15. WDUS (Extended Mix)
16. all of these (Extended Mix)
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※All Over The World

NNN RECORDSから「KATSUYA MOURI」ダンスミュージックソロプロジェクト 「MGRAW(エムジーロウ)」の4th Album。 強烈なインパクトを残すUndergroundなTechno, Drum&Bass,House ミュージック。 エクステンデッドとレディオバージョンを含む全16曲収録。 本作はEinsとZweiに分かれた2部作。 KATSUYA MOURI” dance music solo project “MGRAW” 4th Album from NNN RECORDS. 16 tracks of underground Techno, Drum&Bass, House music that leaves a strong impact. The album contains 16 tracks including extended and radio versions. This album is a two-part work divided into Eins and Zwei.  

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