Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 2015-05-27
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1. Inescapable
2. Oppressive rule
3. Roar
4. supplication
5. Skepticism
6. Rise
7. Radiation
About New Album

Hottest ! DONI album first series ROAL Bass undulate the percussive beat of groove feeling full marks to the axis , a simple melody , suspicious above things in effective , such as a trip to another world In particular it is understood well that are stuck to the beat , and show off the super dope track with simple Drum and bass in addition to it , a strong track of double color The whole body of the confidence that I want you to feel the body at high volume in the club !



2008年鹿児島で行われたクラブ系大型野外フェスEFFECT 08(石野卓球、ケンイシイ、BOOMBOOMSATELLITES、大沢伸一等

Club system was held in Kagoshima 2008 large outdoor festivals EFFECT 08 Takkyu Ishino , Ken Ishii , BOOMBOOMSATELLITES, Shinichi Osawa , etc.
But participation as a drum in the band of SZAK name to have participated .
Band activities and at the same time remix , music provides to the video work , I do beat makeup , also DJ activities .
In particular, deployment dub, bass impressed based music , the track of the dope world of beat -oriented
Not always be stop the evolution of world creation to the DONI as evolve the music of the world

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