Ancient / LapisColor (TNUR-0003)

Artist: LapisColor
Label: Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Records
Release Date: 2021-02-03
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Album Review

Lapis Color (ラピスカラー)は、アメリカと日本のハーフで、タレント、モデルとしても活躍中の藤崎ミシェルと、 UNITE SATISFYなど多方面のジャンルで音楽制作を続ける作曲家、 青木しんたろうの二人組ユニット。 Lapis Color is a unit of Michelle Fujisaki, biracial US and Japan TV personality and model, and Shintaro Aoki, a composer who has been creating music in many different genres such as UNITE SATISFY and so on.

1. Ancient
2. Ancient (Instrument Mix)
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藤崎ミシェルと青木しんたろうのユニット「Lapis Color(ラピスカラー)」が
Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Recordsから3rdシングルをリリース!
オリジナルとInstrument Mixを収録。

The unit “Lapis Color” by Michelle Fujisaki and Shintaro Aoki will be released in
Released the third single from Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Records!
This work in lapis color is like a fantasy world lost in a fantasy world, the fantastic “Ancient
It’s like a story passed down from ancient times to the present day, with the richness and beauty of Japanese emotion.
I want people around the world to feel it too.

2020/11/18 – LapisColorインタビュー記事を掲載


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