Extreme- Bust a move (PAR-0010)

Artists: GRAM, GRATEC MOUR, Kaym, MGRAW, RAM, UNITE SATISFY, Various Artists
Label: Paradise Avenue Records
Release Date: 2020-11-18
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Album Review

アクティブなあなたへ贈る心地よく踊れるヒット曲に加え最新楽曲も多数収録しているシリーズ作品。EDM , House , Techno , Drum&Bass , Dubstepなどジャンルレス!新しい音楽との嬉しい出会いがあるかも!? StayHome、スポーツ、海、山、アウトドア、ドライブ、パーティーなど様々なシチュエーションで一年中楽しいこの1枚! 確実に盛り上がる!全て国産のオリジナル曲を収録! An electric dance music compilation album is on the way! A series of comfortable, danceable hit songs as well as many of the latest songs for active people. EDM , House , Techno , Drum&Bass , Dubstep and other genres Leslie! You might be happy to meet new music! Stay Home, Sports, Sea, Mountains, Outdoor, Driving, Party, etc. This one is fun all year round in situations! It's going to be a blast for sure! All original music from Japan! The much loved Hits songs is back in a brand new digital music of your favourite dancefloor anthems. in this timeless collection of dance music.

1. Extreme- Bust a move - Preview
About New Album

1 Mars dimension – script 5 (Radio Mix) / MGRAW
2 I.I.I / RAM
3 M.V.Z / RAM
4 Where are we now (Radio Mix) / MGRAW
5 Winter Wonderland (Radio Mix) / GRATEC MOUR
6 éclair / Kaym
7 Place (Radio Mix) / MGRAW
8 G.T.R / RAM
9 L.T.G (Re-Constract Vocal Extended Mix) / GRAM
10 X.X.A / RAM
11 L.E.O / RAM


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