Michael / LapisColor (TNUR-0002)

Artist: LapisColor
Label: Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Records
Release Date: 2020-12-23
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Album Review

Lapis Color (ラピスカラー)は、アメリカと日本のハーフで、タレント、モデルとしても活躍中の藤崎ミシェルと、 UNITE SATISFYなど多方面のジャンルで音楽制作を続ける作曲家、 青木しんたろうの二人組ユニット。 Lapis Color is a unit of Michelle Fujisaki, biracial US and Japan TV personality and model, and Shintaro Aoki, a composer who has been creating music in many different genres such as UNITE SATISFY and so on.

1. Michael(2020 Remix)
2. Michael
About New Album

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藤崎ミシェルと青木しんたろうのユニット「Lapis Color(ラピスカラー)」が
Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Recordsから2ndシングルをリリース!

オリジナルと2020 Remix verを収録。

藤崎ミシェル コメント




Michelle Fujisaki and Shintaro Aoki’s unit “Lapis Color” has released a new album
Debut single released from Tsukuyomi-no-Usagi Records!
J-Pop electronica that beautifully blends Japanese and Western music with the honest feelings conveyed by the lyrics.
The lyrical songs, melodies, piano and strings tell an epic story and bring the landscape to life.
The original and 2020 Remix version are included.

Michelle Fujisaki Message

The reason why this song was written was because I had just returned to the United States, where I hadn’t seen him since I was a student.
I put my feelings for my grandmother, who lives there, when I finally met her after more than ten years.
When I listened to the melody, I felt the feeling of meeting my grandmother.
It came to me and I finished the lyrics without hesitation.
It’s such a song of memories that I took it out of my mind’s drawer.

※ 2020 Remix version is a high-resolution sound source (High Definition Sound Source, Hi-Res) product.


2020/11/18 – LapisColorインタビュー記事を掲載


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