[Music Video] One more time / MGRAW (elns-123)

Artists: Katsuya Mouri, MGRAW
Release Date: 2023-10-25
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Music Videoも同時公開。
2018年から今までにクラブミュージックを続々リリースしている日本のコンポーザー/DJ「MGRAW」の最新オリジナル曲「One more time」
Original, Extended Mix を収録。

Japanese composer/DJ “MGRAW” has been releasing club music steadily since 2018, and their latest original track is titled “One more time.” Unlike their previous works, this song is filled with a refreshing sensation throughout, featuring a catchy and pop sound that naturally makes your body move to the electrifying dance music. A song that shines with a retro and futuristic sensibility, pursuing the individuality of sound within simplicity, featuring vocoder-generated robot voices and other elements that evoke a retro-futuristic aesthetic.The music video has also been released simultaneously. So far, MGRAW’s tracks have surpassed a total of 40K Shazam recognitions! Pay attention to this passionate groove they are delivering from Japan to club/dance music fans worldwide. The release includes both the original and extended mix versions.

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