quantum lounge – thousand miles (FCR-0001)

Artists: Katsuya Mouri, Kaym, luz de luz, MOUMOU, RAM, UNITE SATISFY, Various Artists
Label: Fresca Connection Records
Release Date: 2020-07-22
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Album Review

高品質のピアノ作品、環境音等を用いた人気シリーズを手掛けるヒーリング/イージーリスニングの人気シリーズを手掛けるSound of eternityとダンスミュージックレーベルNNN RECORDSから新しいコンセプトのコンピレーションアルバムが登場。 心地良い一定のリズム&グルーヴ、アルバム全体の軽快な流れがオシャレで心地良い空間を演出。 演奏者には国内外で活躍をするピアニスト「青木しんたろう」今作がデビューとなる「luz de luz」前衛的なサウンドデザイナー「Kaym」ゲームミュージッククリエイター「RAM」などが参加。 Healing and environmental sounds of high quality piano works, environmental sounds, etc. are used in this popular series. Dance with Sound of eternity, the company behind the popular Easy Listening series New concept compilation album from music label NNN RECORDS is now available. The comfortable, constant rhythm & groove and the light flow of the entire album creates a stylish and comfortable space The performers are pianist Shintaro Aoki, who is active in Japan and abroad. The performers are domestic and international pianist "Shintaro Aoki" and "luz", who makes his debut with this album. de luz" avant-garde sound designer "Kaym", game music creator "Kaym RAM" and other participants.

1. quantum lounge - thousand miles (Music previews)
About New Album

1 Lively street  / luz de luz
2 s.  / RAM
3 a.  / RAM
4 zz. / RAM
5 t. / RAM
6 firmament / Kaym
7 Riding the Rails / MOUMOU
8 r. / RAM
9 S.A.R.A / RAM
10 D.W.B / RAM
11 Breath of Earth (Re-Constract Mix) / Arts Of Collective

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