Producer / Artist / Composer / Singer Songwriter / DJ
「KATSUYA MOURI」Club / Dance Music ソロプロジェクト「MGRAW(エムジーロウ)」 フューチャリズム、コスモロジー 、規則に違反する創造性。
強烈なインパクトを残すUnderground Dance MusicとDJユースな作品を全世界へ向け次々とリリース。
2019/3 1stベストアルバム「 RAW 」(2枚組)
2020/2 2ndベストアルバム「INNER VISIONS ‒ RAW2 -(2枚組)」
2020/10 3rdベストアルバム「RAW3-SIGNALS」
2021/8 4thベストアルバム「RAW4-Eins」
2022/8 4thベストアルバム「RAW4-Zwei」
2022/11 5thベストアルバム「RAW5-My Universe」

KATSUYA MOURIis also the creator of the solo project “MGRAW,” which is known for its futurism, cosmology, and
creative rule-breaking. He releases underground dance music and DJ-oriented works that leave a strong impact, and
shares them with the world one after another. He has released several best albums including
2019/3 1st best album “RAW” (2CD set)
2020/2 2nd best album “INNER VISIONS – RAW2 -(2CD set)”
2020/10 3rd best album “RAW3-SIGNALS”
2021/8 4th best album “RAW4-Eins
2022/8 4th best album “RAW4-Zwei
2022/11 5th best album “RAW5-My Universe


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