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2021年 新進気鋭のアーティスト「ジー☆エム」として新たにスタートした「Katsuya Mouri」 J-Popを基軸にジャンルを飛び越え、個性輝く唯一無二の楽曲を創造する。
今作「 Summer Days – memories 」は2019年にリリースした「Summer Days / GRATEC MOUR」を日本語でセルフカヴァー。 夏の終わりを楽しく迎えるダンスナンバー!

2021 Katsuya Mouri” newly started as an up-and-coming artist “G☆M
With J-Pop as his base, he transcends genres to create one-of-a-kind songs that shine with individuality.
This Single “Summer Days – memories” is a self-cover of “Summer Days / GRATEC MOUR” released in 2019 in Japanese. A dance number that joyfully welcomes the end of summer!
You must listen to the most enjoyable and heartwarming “G☆M”!

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