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高品質のピアノ作品、環境音等を用いた人気シリーズを手掛けるヒーリング/イージーリスニングの人気シリーズを手掛けるSound of eternityから新しいコンセプトのコンピレーションアルバムが登場。

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Based on the concept of yoga and meditation, the album contains a total of 30 minutes of music.
Indian instruments (tabla, sitar) and binaural recordings of nature sounds (river, sea, wind, etc.) are used, and the frequency is unified at 432 Hz.
The album is also available as a single track, but I recommend purchasing the album as a whole for the best price!
We hope this will be a suggestion for a better lifestyle for everyone.

A new concept compilation album from Sound of eternity, a popular healing/easy listening series that uses high quality piano works and environmental sounds.

This product is a high-resolution sound source (high quality sound source, Hi-Res) compatible work.

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