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ゲーム音楽『beatmania』「DanceDanceDance Revolution」「グランツーリスモ」
DRUM’N’BASSユニット『Cycle』や、GOKU・Saiko・amigo ユニット『cargo』など多数楽曲提供してきた
RAMの最新シングル「X.X.A feat. arvin homa aya」
野崎良太(Jazztronik)FreeTEMPO(半沢武志)、DAISHI DANCE、COLDFEETなど
多くのアーティストの楽曲にボーカル・コーラスとして参加してきた「arvin homa aya」が参加!

Game music for “beatmania”, “DanceDanceDance Revolution”, and “Gran Turismo”. While at Sony, he provided music for DRUM’N’BASS unit “Cycle”,
GOKU, Saiko, and amigo unit “cargo”, and many others.
RAM’s latest single “X.X.A – True Colors feat. arvin homa aya”
Ryota Nozaki (Jazztronik), FreeTEMPO (Takeshi Hanzawa), DAISHI DANCE, COLDFEET, etc. arvin homa aya” who has participated in many artists’ songs as a vocalist and chorus singer!
The up-tempo drum’n’bass and the glossy and energetic vocals will make you This is a gem of a song to dance and listen to at the highest tension in summer! For the whole world! All English lyrics! (Japanese translation available)

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