[New Release] 花笑む君と花が散る季節 – Flowers / ジー☆エム #Wppp_jp #iTunes #appleMusic #spotify #amazon #LINEMUSIC #USEN

春の風がそよぎ、花々が咲き誇る季節。私たちは花々の美しさに心を踊らせる。 花々とのひととき。新たなる出会いや別れに向かう旅の中で、私たちは成長し、愛を知る。
今作「花笑む君と花が散る季節 – Flowers 」は、オーケストレーションとエレクトロニクスを融合させた壮大な世界観の中に、邦楽を取り入れ、 優美で柔らかなメロディと季節の情緒を感じさせる珠玉の一曲。

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The spring breeze rustles, and it’s the season when flowers bloom magnificently. We are enchanted by the beauty of the flowers, our hearts dancing with joy.A moment with the flowers. In the journey towards new encounters and farewells, we grow and come to understand love. “Flowers Smiling, Seasons Changing – Flowers,” the latest work, seamlessly blends orchestration and electronics into a magnificent world, incorporating Japanese music. It’s a gem of a song that evokes a graceful and gentle melody, along with the emotions of the season.

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