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今作「Let’s Get Loud〜舞踊烈歌」は龍と空と力 をテーマにエレクトリックダンスミュージック とJ-popを融合! ダンサブルなサウンドが高揚感をもたらすストレートなアップテンポナンバー!

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From deep silence to powerful beats, gradually rising to greater heights, depicting the majestic figure of a dragon soaring high in the sky!
His latest track, “Let’s Get Loud – dancing in the fire” fuses electric dance music with J-pop, centered around the themes of dragons, skies,
and strength. It’s a straight-up-tempo number with a danceable sound that brings a sense of excitement!
“G☆M” is the solo vocal project of “Katsuya Mouri,” who emerged as a promising artist in 2021.Creating unique songs that transcend genres,
rooted in J-Pop, where individuality shines brightly! He is a multi-player who handles all stages of the process himself.
In December 2022, the past work “gambler” ranked 1st on the “J-Pop Top Music Videos” chart on the iTunes Store (UK)!

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