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Producer / Artist / Composer / Singer Songwriter / DJ .
Katsuya Mouriのソロ歌唱プロジェクト「ジー☆エム」
Game Music, Dance Music , Design Music , 各イメージごとにありとあらゆるサウンドを手掛け、 カプコンやセガの音楽ゲーム、アンダーグラウンドなクラブミュージック、m-flo ♡ chelmico のリミックス、WOWOW制作 ドラマ「TOKYO VICE」に楽曲提供など、脱固定/ジャンルに縛られることなく創り出される楽曲たちは唯一無二。 楽曲制作行程の全てを自身で行い、独自の哲学のもとこれまでに聴いたことが無いような作品を創り出すことに重きを置く。 バイノーラルレコーディングや3Dサウンドなど常に新しいサウンドを取り入れるなど新たなポップスを生み出す。 ジー☆エム以外のプロジェクト ‒ Katsuya Mouri/MGRAW/GRATEC MOUR/Kaym/Arts Of Collective/GRAM/DaNINKS など

G☆M (ジー☆エム)

Katsuya Mouri’s solo vocal project “G☆M”
creates unique music that transcends genres, handling all kinds of sounds for different images such as Game Music, Dance Music, and Design Music. He has created music for music games of Capcom and Sega, underground club music, remixes for m-flo ♡ chelmico, and provided music for the WOWOW drama “TOKYO VICE,” among others.
His music is created without being bound by fixed genres, and he emphasizes creating works that have never been heard before based on his own philosophy. He constantly incorporates new sounds such as binaural recording and
3D sound to create new pop music. He also has other projects besides G☆M., such as
– Katsuya Mouri/MGRAW/GRATEC MOUR/Kaym/Arts Of Collective/GRAM/DaNINKS etc.


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