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今作「銀河エクスプレス 」は2000年代初期のダンスPopsシーンをイメージし、懐かしくも新しいを感じる楽曲。
シンプルなステップにエレキギターのサウンドが絡まっていき、テクノ& ハウスミュージックを前面に打ち出したgroove は絶妙にエモーショナルでパワフル!

2021年 新進気鋭のアーティスト「ジー☆エム」として新たにスタートした「Katsuya Mouri」のソロボーカルプロジェクト。
2022年12月過去作”凄腕のポーカーフェイス(改)” が iTunes Store (イギリス) の “J-Pop トップミュージックビデオ” の1位にランクイン!

In 2021, the up-and-coming artist Katsuya Mouri started a new solo vocal project under the name “G☆M.” Their latest release, “EXPRESS GINGA,” embodies the dance-pop scene of the early 2000s, evoking a sense of nostalgia while also feeling fresh and new.
The song features a combination of simple steps and electric guitar sounds, with a groove that prominently showcases techno and house music. It is a perfect blend of emotional and powerful elements, pushing the boundaries of Japanese music and expanding its possibilities.
Building upon J-Pop as their foundation, they transcend genres and create unique and shining tracks that highlight their individuality. You absolutely must listen to the incredibly enjoyable and deeply resonating sound of “G☆M”!
In December 2022, their previous work, “Gambler,” ranked first on the “J-Pop Top Music Videos” chart on iTunes Store (UK).

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