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ゲーム音楽『beatmania』「DanceDanceDance Revolution」「グランツーリスモ」DRUM’N’BASSユニット『Cycle』や、 GOKU・Saiko・amigo ユニット『cargo』など多数楽曲提供。日本屈指のゲーム&ダンスミュージック シーンを代表するレジェンドクリエイターRAM(ラム)の最新シングル「J.I.Z」

This release carries a mellow and urban texture, touching the heart with a refined ambiance that holds depth. Adding new interpretations and styles to traditional music, this hybrid composition blends Jazz, House, Techno, and Hip-Hop, creating a futuristic and innovative sound.
RAM’s track production strikes a delicate balance between game music and dance music, making this song a must-listen for both sets of listeners. With contributions to game music titles like ‘beatmania,’ ‘DanceDanceDance Revolution,’ ‘Gran Turismo,’ the DRUM’N’BASS unit ‘Cycle,’ and the GOKU・Saiko・amigo unit ‘cargo,’ RAM stands as a legendary creator representing Japan’s top-tier game and dance music scene. Their latest single “J.I.Z” showcases a unique blend of Japan’s distinctive beauty and dynamism, making them a precious artist with no comparable counterpart.

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