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ゲーム音楽『beatmania』「DanceDanceDance Revolution」「グランツーリスモ」DRUM’N’BASSユニット『Cycle』や、 GOKU・Saiko・amigo ユニット『cargo』など多数楽曲提供。
日本屈指のゲーム&ダンスミュージック シーンを代表するレジェンドクリエイターRAM(Koichi Yamazaki)の最新シングル「S.O.L」

“A dreamy pop-house anthem for adults, featuring a sexy and luxurious track with a catchy and sweet melody! Starting from emotional and gentle piano, it escalates with grand orchestration, and when the four-on-the-floor beat kicks in, it’s sure to get everyone pumped up.
Listening to this music makes your heart leap, brings a smile to your face, makes you want to fall in love, and feels like it brings happiness – it’s the kind of dance music that uplifts the soul. RAM (Koichi Yamazaki), a legendary creator representing the top-tier game and dance music scene in Japan, known for contributions to game music like ‘beatmania,’ ‘DanceDanceDance Revolution,’ ‘Gran Turismo,’ and involvement in the DRUM’N’BASS unit ‘Cycle’ and the group ‘cargo’ alongside GOKU, Saiko, and amigo.
RAM’s track production achieves an exquisite balance between game music and dance music, making it a must-listen for both types of listeners! There will likely be no similar artist, as he embodies the unique beauty and dynamism that is characteristic of Japan!”

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