さいたま市在住。1979年1月21日生まれ 左利き。
これまでに国内外問わず、ゲーム、アニメ、 映画、舞台、PV、ヒーリングCD等、マルチな才能を発揮。楽曲提供をしている。


Composer/arranger (sound creator), healing pianist

Born January 21, 1979, he is left-handed.
She learned to play the piano from childhood through junior high school. When he was at Waseda University’s Honjo High School, he started creating games, and as an extension of that, he became interested in music production on a PC.
He started composing when he entered university. While he was a student at Waseda University, he studied computer composition under the composer Yoshihiro Kanno.
After graduating, he was in charge of sound for a theatrical company and studied jazz piano theory under Jun Suzuki for three years.
He started his career as a composer in 2004.

He has shown his multi-talent in games, animation, movies, stages, music videos, healing CDs, etc., both in Japan and abroad. He has provided the music.
In order to improve his mind, body and spirit when composing and performing, he has been doing zazen every day and is famous for being a Vegan.
With her beliefs of “always singing to your heart” and “fun composition”, she continues to bring smiles and healing.


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