Unit by Koichi Yamazaki  and Katsuya Mouri


ゲーム音楽『beatmania』「DanceDanceDance Revolution」「グランツーリスモ」Sony在籍時
DRUM’N’BASSユニット『Cycle』や、 GOKU・Saiko・amigo ユニット『cargo』など多数楽曲提供。日本屈指のゲーム&ダンスミュージックシーンを代表するレジェンドクリエイターRAM(ラム)とカプコンの音楽ゲーム、m-flo ​♡ chelmico のリミックス、WOWOW制作ドラマ「TOKYO VICE」などで楽曲を提供するKatsuya Mouri(カツヤモウリ)のユニット「GRAM(グラム)」

Combining game music and dance music to transcend the concept of “pops”!

During their time at Sony, Katsuya Mouri provided numerous music tracks for games such as “beatmania,” “DanceDanceDance Revolution,” and “Gran Turismo,” and worked with several music units including the DRUM’N’BASS group “Cycle” and the trio “cargo” consisting of GOKU, Saiko, and amigo. Mouri is a legendary creator representing Japan’s game and dance music scene, and has collaborated with Capcom on music for their games, as well as providing remixes for m-flo ♡ chelmico and contributing music for the WOWOW-produced drama “Tokyo Vice” as a member of the unit “GRAM.”


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